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Our Story

Eunoia is a startup with a legacy with over twelve years of market presence, having been the BI team of another company. In 2017 Eunoia was hived off and founded with the objective of delivering focused data and analytics solutions. The team is made up of young, enthusiastic and passionate masterminds who strive to see Eunoia flourish. With our positive attitude and experience in the field, we can successfully guide you in becoming the data-driven organisation.

Why Eunoia?

Eunoia means ‘beautiful thinking’. A noun that dates back to the time of the Ancient Greeks. This era in history was devoted to the development of intelligence, a strive for increased brain power in a composed and eloquent manner. Like a full toolbox, Eunoia is also the shortest English word to feature all the vowels in the English alphabet. Our Business Analytics solutions can also be considered to be the full toolbox for all your needs.

Our Partners

We partner with Panorama Software as the inventor of the MDX technology which is the base of the traditional batch BI infrastructure. Their product provides a one of a kind user experience to data mine and traverse datasets. We also partner with Microsoft the world leader in Business Intelligence (BI). Their infrastructure as well as their cloud strategy are a compass to the industry in general.


Why us?

Engineering Excellence

Engineering Excellence

We deliver software we are proud of. Our innovations simplify the complexity of data and bring real value.

Customer Focus Strategy

Customer Focus Strategy

Our customer-first culture and customer-centric solutions will ensure your success.

Innovation Team

Innovation Team

Business drivers, engineers, analysts and data scientists make up the innovative power behind Eunoia.

About Us

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Company overview

Eunoia is a company focused on delivering data and analytics solutions to customers.  Our objective is to transition enterprises from using data for their reporting to achieving valuable insights, transforming data into a valuable asset which drives their business.

We leverage our partners and our talent to provide business focused solutions, empowering our customers to deliver the necessary transformation of their businesses.

Our approach towards cloud first, enables our customers to reap the value delivered by the cloud, in the area of data and analytics.


We are seeking valuable individuals who want to be expose themselves to the industry, achieving on the job exposure and a peek towards their future.

The internship is designed for highly numeric individuals who are pursuing Degrees in statistics, economics, mathematics, engineering, software development, artificial intelligence and business and computing.  Ideally you are at least in your second year of study, but we are open to discuss with first years.

This is an opportunity to work on software development and Data and Analytics projects as part of an experienced team.  This journey will provide you with full exposure to the industry and give you the necessary basis and experience for a boost start of your career.

What we offer

We strongly believe in the talents of everyone in our team.  Our objective is to develop every individual leveraging their strengths. 

Our successful academy offers flexible hours and schedules along the academic year and a 40-hour week during the summer holidays.  This is part of our corporate responsibility to develop individuals for the future of this industry.

Automatic full-time job opportunity at the end of the internship.

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