Why Databricks?


Apache Spark: Unified Cloud Analytics built on Apache Spark impacting performance, scale and reliability.


Cloud: Leverage an enterprise grade platform consumed as a service, alleviating infrasturcture headaches.


Unified: Intended to bring together data engineers, data analysts and data scientists into a collaborative environment.


Data Science and ML:The collaborative Notebooks, Optimized ML environments and complete ML Lifecycle enable collaboration across the full data science and machine learning lifecycle.


Security: A massively secure and scalable multi-cloud platform.

One open, simple platform to store and manage all of your data for all of your analytics workloads.

Why Databricks + Eunoia?

Solution Experts:

Our business consultants, data engineers, software developers, data analysts and data scientists are a combination of genius and charisma.

Academic Qualifications:

Our talent possess a wide variety of academic qualifications from degrees to PhDs in ICT, Statistics, AI or Mathematics.

Industry Certifications:  

We nurture our people by assiting in the development of their career path through the Databricks academy.  

Traditional BI to Bigdata:

We have a legacy of 12 years and we have done it all from traditional BI to Modern DW & AI.  

Business Acumen:

Along our journey we have specialized in a number of verticals providing us with a wealth of experience.   

Data and Analytics focus:

This is what we do.  Our mission is to help organizations in their digital transformation to become data-driven using data and AI.  We have been there done that over and over again.  

"We are on a mission to help ogranizations in their digital transformation using data and AI"