Gaining competitive advantage through Business Intelligence

About Prohealth

Prohealth is a leading distributor in the health care industry, responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of various major brands including La Roche Posay, Vichy from L’Oréal (France), Ursapharm (Germany), Galderma (Switzerland), Italchimici (Italy), PIAM Pharmaceutici (Italy), GAMA Healthcare (UK), ROWA (Ireland), Salus Haus (Germany), Laboratorios Kin (Spain), Le Maître (USA), Medel (Austria) and others.

Gaining competitive advantage through Business Intelligence

The Challenge

The company seeks to position itself to meet the challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing market environment. Prohealth has strategically been through an internal reorganisation of roles and responsibilities. Its aim was to enable the company’s employees, at all levels of the organisation, to be able to take decisions based on enhanced information and be proactive in identifying new business opportunities and overcome challenges.

Prohealth clearly understands the business bene ts of data and knowledge use across the organisation and decided to apply Business intelligence (BI) tools to address the needs of the company. Prohealth’s information needs require a solid foundation and Business intelligence (BI) is seen as a cornerstone of this foundation.

The organisation was seeking to involve and engage all key users and stakeholders from the early stages of the Business intelligence (BI) adoption. This was achieved through a thinking process starting from directors, brand managers, sales teams and pharmaceutical representatives.

The Solution

The project scope addressed sales, budgets, inventory and debtors in order to provide a holistic view of the business. The solution consists of a data warehouse framework developed by Eunoia and Panorama Necto® as the advanced analytical tool.

The Business intelligence (BI) solution provides the analytics necessary to visualise sales and pro tability by brand, sales representative, area and pharmacy, giving an up-to-date, accurate picture of the business. The drill-down capabilities provides the user with the ability to view data and information in more detail and from different points of view, which greatly enhances the users’ understanding of the data and the reasons behind the gures.

The solution is proving to be an invaluable tool for brand managers and sales teams, enabling them to manage sales performance vs budgets.The compilation of sales reports would usually take a considerable amount of time in order to collate sales data from ERP and budgets in Excel, leaving precious little time to analyse and identify trends. Today employees have sales data and a complete set of KPIs at their fingertips on a daily basis, empowering them to take proactive decisions to respond to dynamic market behaviour.

Business intelligence (BI) also offers support to manage the launch of new products. It monitors market penetration through ‘before and after’ analysis and it also enables us to measure take-up by pharmacy and area over a given period.

The Results

  • More information and actionable insights: users are able to drill down into KPIs and nancial details for greater visibility into their customers, sectors and pro tability
  • Saving precious hours from having to generate manual reports
  • User independence: users have access to explore data and create work boards to suit their information needs
  • Improved communication, providing executives with relevant, actionable information
  • Decision-making processes have been delegated by providing people with the right information and empowering them to take informed, up-to-date decisions.

"Business intelligence (BI) is a fundamental element of our competitive advantage. By providing our team with the necessary data, our strategy and planning processes are now more ‘intelligent’ than ever. With excellent visibility of our sales and product performance, we are now better placed to offer enhanced services to our customers and yet improve our financials."

John Jaccarini, Director