Improved decision-taking through Business Intelligence

About the National Audit Office

The functions and powers of the Auditor General and the role of the NAO are defined by Section 108 of the Constitution of Malta and the Auditor General and National Audit Office Act of 1997. The Constitution and the Act empower the Auditor General to audit the accounts of all Departments and Offices of the Government of Malta, and of such public authorities or other bodies administering, holding, or using funds belonging directly or indirectly to the Government of Malta. The Act extends this mandate further to include the Performance audit of Central Government Departments and Offices and other public sector entities, as well as the audit of the operations of companies or other entities in which the Government of Malta owns not less than 51 per cent of the shares Malta.

Improved decision-taking through Business Intelligence

The Challenge

In recent years, the office developed processes to empower its employees to better monitor their own work and operate more efficiently.

Identifying bottlenecks was becoming difficult as data was stored on multiple independent databases and on Excel spreadsheets and the compilation of reports left little time for analysis. This process led to inaccurate information and sub-optimal decision-making.

The Solution

EUNOIA’s BI solution comprised a data warehouse connected to multiple sources of data from core systems, excel and an easy to use web app for capturing data. Panorama Necto was deployed as the visualisation tool to create dashboards and infographics.

The solution provided NAO with a sound reporting and analytical management tool to visualise bottlenecks and highlight problems for the office.

The ability to review dashboards daily, revealing updated results and operational performance, has enabled NAO to gain full visibility of operations and providing valuable, actionable data. NAO also established uses automated alerting, allowing for a proactive approach in identifying and addresses underperforming areas.

With BI, the office is now able to access updated dashboards instantly and use them during management meetings. Data is analysed instantly, issues are raised and discussed. With a full view of each audit, executives are able to understand the activities in greater depth, revealing insights on efficiency optimisation or opportunities.

The Benefits

EUNOIA’s BI solution helped NAO optimise data analysis processes. Users now can explore data in a self-service environment by creating their own reports and work boards. Collaboration tools encouraged the communication improvement between different user levels enabling a more efficient decision-making process.

The solution provided the below benefits:

  • Simple Data capture web app
  • Easy access data for rapid, sound decision-making
  • Ability to react faster to changing demand
  • Full view of audit performance
  • Time-saving on report generation
  • Pro-active management through automated alerts
  • Improved collaboration and communication

"The EUNOIA team brought depth and knowledge to the implementation of the Business Intelligence solution. We are delighted with the high-quality solution provided and the added value from improved data analytics capabilities and better decision-making."  Concluded Mr. Rizzo

"Eunoia provided a focused and applied Business Intelligence solution which proved to be a powerful analytical tool extended to integrate data from our core systems and capture information through an easy to use UI.

Now we can analyse volumes of data fast and take the right decisions as soon as they are needed. The user interface is straightforward, easy to use and intuitive. Using the drill down capabilities, we identify business areas that require attention."

Ian Rizzo, Finance and Administration Manager